Monday 10 October, 2016


How we can teach lifeskills through PE -

Engage, Inspire, Skip! 

Pupil Referral Units - PRUs - usually contain children who have, for one reason or another, found it difficult to engage with standard classroom -based teaching and so have been sent to external agencies to continue with their education.

Inspire children and they will learn

The staff in these PRUs are a dedicated and hard-working bunch of folks who are desperately keen to help these children, they want to inspire them and to motivate them and to offer them opportunities to engage as well. And this is where we were invited along to 3 Buckinghamshire Pupil Referral Units and what an impact we made on the day and importantly, are continuing to have!

They were kind enough to send us this testimonial which has touched us deeply. 


"Skipping4schools ran a series of workshops at our Buckinghamshire Pupil Referral Units.

George, the skipping coach, led the 45 minute sessions and began by sharing his experiences of overcoming a major difficulty with determination and perseverance. George held their interest and gained their respect. Our children really thought about this message and it has been referred to many times, in relevant situations, since then. Our children do experience difficulties in day to day life and George’s story of tenacity is very pertinent to them.

The children really enjoyed the skipping sessions and have wanted to replay the videos over and over. Even the reluctant ones didn’t take long to join in the fun. They loved the ‘Double Dutch’ and it gave them a great sense of achievement to be successful at it.

Many of our children have difficulty focusing on an activity for more than a few minutes but all were totally engaged throughout the session. All six groups have been motivated to enjoy skipping and it is now always a choice at playtimes. It is amazing how quickly previous non-skippers progress. Children that have a reluctance to partake in physical activity are voluntarily and happily joining in. The staff are slowly becoming more adept at getting the children into the ropes in ‘Double Dutch’!

I would really recommend skipping4schools to inspire this low cost practical way for children to keep fit whilst having fun. They have shown how it can develop from basic skipping to more advanced sequences and challenges to engage all ages and skill levels. George expertly inspires and teaches the children and Tina, at head office, is so helpful, efficient and accommodating. The resources are also very valuable to support the skipping programme following the workshops...."

We left each unit humbled by the childrens' reaction on the day - and these kind words have in turn given us an awful lot to think about, so much so, that we have decided that we want to use this approach to form the bedrock of our programmes from now on for all schools we visit. If we can help just one child in each school, to inspire and motivate him or her to tap into their potential, then that is more than we could ever have asked for.

Our own inspiration behind this approach has come from the mighty Andy Vasily, who we met at the very brilliant ECIS PE Conference hosted by Munich Intenational School in 2015. He is an extraordinary coach and mentor and teacher of all things PE and works on teaching JOY, COMPASSION and RESILIENCE through his PE lessons, and it was through his inspiration that we have developed this approach to help inspire your children.

For now though, our thanks to Debbie and all of the Buckinghamshire PRU staff and of course the children there - keep calm and keep skipping!

And if you think your children might benefit from some input from us, contact Tina at or call her on 01743 361863 if you want to find out how we can help.

"A fantastic experience that stays with the children and helps them  achieve a healthier lifestyle."       DH, Buckinghamshire PRUs




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