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Manchester City Council | News Release

Pupils at Beaver Road Primary School in Didsbury will be spending most of the day “skipping school” as they take master classes in the art of skipping from renowned skipping coach George Kubu.
Parents and carers are also invited to bring a rope and come along and join in.

"Best of all from my point of view though, is that since it has nothing at all to do with how good they are at reading or writing, skipping gives all the children a chance to shine and show they can excel at something."

David Howe,  Beaver Road Primary

Skipping coach George Kubu has no doubts about the benefits of skipping after getting into it following a snowboarding accident. He landed badly and was left in a coma.When he woke from this he was paralysed down his left side and unable to speak. He spent nearly 5 months in intensive rehabilitation therapy in hospital.

He says "Skipping became a major part of my recovery programme. It helped me with timing, footwork, co-ordination, balance, weight loss and endurance.”

After his fitness returned he gained his beginners,intermediate and advanced coaching awards from the BRSA (British Rope Skipping Association) and has been coaching and skipping in primary schools since 2004.

David Howe, Headteacher at Beaver Road Primary School, said; ” This will be the second time we have had George in school. Since his first visit in September skipping has really taken off in school – the children love it. They find it invigorating and rewarding....They are all excited about the visit and hoping to learn some new skills as well as showing off their growing talent" he said.

Councillor Jeff Smith, Manchester City Council’s Executive Member for Children’s Services said. ”Skipping is a great way for children to enjoy themselves during school breaks and keeps them fit at the same time”.