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Should children be given PE Homework

to combat rising levels of obesity? 

Judy Murray recommends PE homeswork, we recommend skipping
Judy Murray recommends PE homeswork, we recommend skipping

When you first think of it, the notion of giving children ‘PE homework’ in addition to their regular academic homework seems slightly strange or even laughable but there is robust evidence to suggest that this would be very beneficial. Recently this notion of ‘PE homework’ has once again been placed under the spotlight by Judy Murray, mother of Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray .

Experts estimate that in the UK, around 31% of the children aged between 2 and 15 years are obese. This is costing the NHS an estimated £4.2 billion a year and is likely to increase in the coming years if this problem is not addressed. Many solutions have been proposed by various experts, which range from making dietary changes to cutting down on TV and computer time. Most of them have proved to be ineffective as is evidenced from the rising level of obesity in the kids.

Increased levels of physical activity help in many ways in combating obesity. It not only helps in burning off the excess fat and keeping fit but additionally lowers cravings for junk food that is full of fat, sugar and salt. One of the proposals to combat rising tide of obesity amongst the pupils is to give PE Homework.

Here are just some of the benefits of increased physical activity amongst pupils.

1. Physical Activity increases concentration: Physically active kids are known to have higher concentration levels. It is understood that exercise increases the flow of blood and oxygen to brain which results in higher academic performance. A review of the studies conducted by a Dutch group found that there is a strong positive correlation between physical activity and academic performance.

2. Physical Activity enhances self esteem: A physically active child is more likely to want to find a community of friends to play as compared to child interested in sitting and watching TV. Active involvement in a group of friends leads to development of social and leadership skills that in turn lead to enhanced self esteem.

3. Physical Activity boosts fitness: Jack gets home from school, throws his backpack down, grabs a drink and watches TV. After TV, he switches on the computer and plays games. After playing games, he chats on the mobile phone with friends. Tom, on the other hand, gets back from school, takes rest, eats a proper meal and then gets on with his PE homework. Who do you think is more likely to be fit, Jack or Tom? It is really quite obvious, but what happens to Jack happens on a daily basis in front of parents who don't bat an eyelid on this issue.

Increased physical activity has become a necessity and it is high time that we try to devise more effective solutions to combat obesity. Physical activity can definitely be made popular amongst children; after one of our skipping days, the resources that we send the school - free of charge - definitely encourage children to be physically active at home.You can always read what teachers think of the benefits of a skipping day here on our website.

 I love PE
I love PE

We think that one of the best ways to keep children active at home is to give them PE homework. This provides an incentive to the pupils for engaging in physical activity at home. In addition, this will also raise awareness in the local community regarding the dangers of increasing obesity amongst the schoolchildren.

Skipping such an easily accessible way for children to have fun doing their PE homework. If you're keen on buying ropes and starting skipping at home, visit our skip shop and you’ll soon be able to get started. We will even send you our Mini Daily Challenge free of charge with every rope purchase to help you get started.

Why not skip with your children? If children see their parents skipping then they are more likely to take it up too. After all, your children look to you for inspiration, so if you are skipping – they will skip.

Are you interested in finding out more information about a skipping day for your school? Drop us a line at or give us a call on 01743 361863 for more details on how we can inspire your children to get up and get fit and have fun!

We hope you have found this information useful.

Best regards,

Skipping4Schools Team

* If there is any doubt about whether you should be skipping because of prior health concerns please consult with your physician.



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