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8ft / KS2 blue (child)



8ft / KS2 blue (child) 10 pack



Set your own goals, skip at your own pace, any time, any place, anywhere!

As the sports equipment of choice for swimmers, boxers, athletes, cyclists and many other sports, skipping ropes are a great boost to any PE cupboard and for all school playgrounds.    

High-quality polymer materials make up this 8ft / 2.44mts rope suitable for most KS2 children (up to 1.6 mts in height).

If you're unsure about what size skipping rope you should be using, click here for more infos Size Guide


Translucent blue polymer cord, designed not to stretch or sag in summer or become brittle and snap in winter, personalised with our 'Skipping for Life' signature. Available in opaque black cord with royal blue handles (as pictured).

Cost: £4.50 each.

If you need any specific combinations of any ropes in any amounts, just let us know and we'll do the rest.

We also have discounts available for orders over 30 ropes. Discounts are also available for those schools that we have already skipped at - just drop us a line here.

Free p&p for orders over £35.00.


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