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 Skipping Workshops Class Sets!

A great offer for anyone wishing to set up their own skipping workshops, after-school clubs or general physical activity sessions.

Choose the 2.8m / 9ft ropes if you are between 1.64m (5ft 3ins) and 1.82m (6ft) tall.

If you'll be skipping with anyone over 1.83m (6ft) then you should be looking at our 3m / 10ft adult skipping ropes, just make sure you're skipping in a room with extra high ceilings!

This versatile set offers great flexibility and can keep activities fun and varied over sustained periods of time, making sure you get more value out of the workshops set! 

We'll also send you our Mini Skipping Challenge, to keep people on their toes and building general fitness levels on a daily basis - free of charge. You can use this to start your skippers off on a lifelong path to fitness!

The set consists of :

  • 15 x Adult 9ft or 10ft ropes, 
  • 1 x 25ft long rope for team games
  • 1 x pair of 16ft beaded double-dutch ropes, great for beginners and intermediate skippers alike


Discounts available for orders of 3 or more Adult Class Sets, please ask. Free p&p for orders over £35.00.


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