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Set your own goals, skip at your own pace, anytime, any place, anywhere!

 Red cord, silver-handled 9ft adult rope
Red cord, silver-handled 9ft adult rope

The 9ft rope is made out of opaque black polymer cord, designed not to stretch or sag in summer or become brittle and snap in winter, and is personalised with our 'Skipping for Life' signature.

Black polyethylene handles offer excellent grip and, as well as being extremely light, are exceptionally hard-wearing and nigh on unbreakable!

Cost: £6.00 each.

Check if the rope is the right size for you here. If you're unsure contact us and we'll help you out.

If you head up any skipping workshops or sports clubs and need specific combinations of any ropes in any amounts, just let us know and we'll do the rest.

We also have discounts available for orders over 30 ropes. Discounts are also available for those schools that we have already skipped at - just drop us line here.

If you'd rather we invoiced your school, or if you wanted to pay by cheque, please contact us.

Free p&p for orders over £35.00.