Frequently asked questions

What age range do you cover?

We have specifically-designed, age-appropriate skipping programmes suitable for children ranging from the Foundation classes, Reception and all the way through to Class 6. We can also skip with Years 7, 8 and 9 and make a point of trying to engage secondary pupils initially via fun rather than challenges. But keep watching and you'll soon see when they start challenging themselves....just for fun!

Does the school have to design its own timetable for the day?

No, Skipping4Schools will send a suggested timetable with our ideal format for the day, but which we can amend should we need to. Timings may vary because we try to maximise the time we spend coaching but should the school need changes, we can happily see how we can accommodate them.

Does the school have to provide its own equipment for the day?

Not at all. Skipping4Schools will bring KS1 and KS2 ropes as well as the playground ropes on the day. We also make sure that we bring plenty of adult ropes to ensure we get teaching staff skipping...!

How can a school sustain the childrens’ interest in skipping following one of your visits?

Our Scheme of Work and 'Hop to the Top' competition along with a set of flashcards are sent at no further cost to schools that have booked us for a day's skipping coaching. The competition also offers children the chance to participate in our competition, The Skipping Cup. We hope that these resources will encourage children to continue developing their skipping skills until we return the next year with a more advanced programme.

Are the ropes for sale?

Yes, if children wish to purchase the ropes after we have visited a school, we leave behind a number of ropes for schools to sell on a sale or return basis. Schools can also purchase playground sets on the day. Remember Skipping4Schools offers a unique commission structure that can help schools offset at least part of the cost for the day. 

How many members of staff do you need to help supervise?

Frankly, none. However we have found that the children respond much better if they see the teachers participating. Teachers may also surprise themselves by enjoying our coaching sessions!!

What kind of space does a whole day’s skipping require?

Ideally, weather permitting, we would like to skip outside on a hard surface with the children. Our coaches will assess the conditions and make the final decision on the day, however alternative space such as the assembly hall should always be made available for the whole day.

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