Our head coach, George

If you've ever met our Head Coach, you would probably have no idea about the remarkable recovery that George has made from an horrific accident over a decade ago.

And although you might think that this recovery was in part due to fabulous doctors, effortful physio and a high degree of tenacity and determination on George's part, you would never guess that a small piece of rope provided the solution to many, many questions and problems.

Following an horrific snowboarding accident in Austria in March 2000, George awoke from a coma unable to talk having lost the power of speech and having suffered a complete, left-sided paralysis. You can imagine the effect this had on someone who had been so active and who had enjoyed such a varied sporting life, to be confined to a wheelchair with an indefinite timeframe for his recovery.

George Kubu, Head Coach, Skipping4Schools
George Kubu, Head Coach, Skipping4Schools

He was kept in Austria for 5 months, and only after lots of intensive therapy in this time was he deemed fit enough to travel home to England. His rehabilitation continued with physiotherapy four times per week as an out-patient for the next two years. Once the doctors had decided that he had re-established a 'natural'gait, George was thus discharged from the care of the NHS.

But George being George, with his characteristic stubborness and determination to succeed, he was resolved to snowboard and sail to the excellent levels he had enjoyed before his accident. And this is where that magic bit of rope came into play....

.....Skipping worked wonders!

It proved to be a fantastic tool to help achieve so many of his goals; not only did it greatly help in rebuilding the neurological pathways to regain full control over his left-hand side, but skipping effectively helped him to rebuild his proprioceptive system, boosting spatial awareness, rebuilding core strength and assisting his tactile system to boot.

It additionally helped him to improve his gross motor skills which helped him to redevelop and finetune his fine motor skills and physical coordination in general. The additional benefits of course were general weight loss, a massive boost to his muscle tone as well as to his self-esteem (although if you ask his sisters, they're not sure he needed any help with the last one!)

And in no time at all, George was back up and bouncing and it was precisely this passion for and belief in skipping as a beneficial physical activity which brought George to skipping coaching.

In due course, George gained qualifications in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Skipping Coaching through the British Rope Skipping Association and has enjoyed coaching thousands of children in thousands of schools over the last 12 years.

George's own stories of perseverance and resilience give him the perfect springboard to inspire, motivate and enthuse children of all levels of physical activity so that they truly take our motto 'Try, Try and Try again!' to heart.

"Brain, body, heart, mind .....we believe in giving everything a workout in our coaching sessions! And the bonus is the smiles on the childrens'  faces when they've finally nailed a skill. In fact, these are the children I use to demonstrate in the assemblies at the end of the day, I want them to inspire the other children. Everytime I see this happen, it inspires me again too!" George Kubu, Head Coach

If you think skipping can help the children in your school or even if you want to try skipping for yourself, just drop us a line and we'll be delighted to talk you through the delights of skipping!

Or, you cand read more here about what schools think about George and our coaches on a Skipping4Schools skipping coaching day.



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