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Have you got a Healthy Week coming up?
Let us help you deliver a Healthy Year!

Our Skipping Days offer schools a perfect springboard from which to launch a new academic year's physical activities programme as well as an ideal opportunity to inject a mini FUN fitness session into any planned fitness programmes.


What do we do?

We come to your school and skip with each class in the course of a normal schoolday, and throughout, we are constantly teaching, demonstrating and challenging children through a progressive series of skills involving duration skipping to boost levels of stamina, as well as learning to combine steps, to keep their brains nice and active!Our days end with a Celebration of Skipping assembly - a real showstopper for the school and the participants! - to which we like parents to be invited if at all possible, because then, the children really take ownership of their skipping improvement by taking it home with them as well.

For those schools that have already had us in, we still have a wealth of skills we can pass on to your youngsters, so don't delay, call today to book us this term.

How do we help?

Skipping4Schools offers very real value for money by trying to sustain the momentum started by one of our days. After our coaching days, we send the school our creative and constructive resources pack - free of charge - which can be knitted into any PE curriculum, helping to get children up on their feet and moving. The cost of a Full day Skip depends on the size of your school but for a 7-class (Reception through to Year 6) school, the usual price is ONLY £325.00. For smaller schools, contact us here for costs. 

Active playgrounds

In addition, your playground will be buzzing and bouncing for weeks and months afterwards! But don't just take our word for it, here are some comments from schools we skipped at last term:

“Fantastic! It was an excellent activity. It was challenging for the children physically. I liked the way the coach tried to engage the boys with the skipping."

"Very enjoyable. The children all had a great sense of achievement in such a short time. They loved the celebration assembly." Gledhow Primary, Leeds

"The skipping day at St Clares was full of excitement and energy! The children are now getting lots of fun and fitness from their skipping ropes and are a pleasure to watch in the playground." Janet Bell, St Clare's, Bradford.

Read more nice things that people have said about our days here, and why they continue to have us back on an annual basis.

Skipping is itself a Fundamental Movement Skill and can certainly help children develop so many skills needed for many  sports but importantly, it can also improve everyday movement in children.

And what's more you really DON'T have to be the best footballer or the best runner in the school, everyone just has to practise to become a Super Skipper!

So if your school is keen to get your children up and moving, then call 01743 361863 or email us to book a fun skipping day with Skipping4Schools. We look forward to hearing from you!





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