The benefits of skipping and jumping rope... #2

According to America's National Institute of Health, skipping and jumping rope can burn around 750 calories per hour.

And it's a simple equation: the faster you jump, the more calories you burn. To give you an idea, the average skipper can burn around 12.5 calories per minute.

If however, you use a similar routine to our HIT skipping routine  - following Dr Michael Mosley's guidelines -  then you can expect to burn around 20 calories per minute.

Skipping benefits fitness
Skipping benefits fitness

In addition to the obvious cardiovascular benefits, skipping  workouts are great for allover muscular strengthening; your core is held firm and tight, your thighs and calves will get a good workout and your upper body, arms in particular, will also feel the impact of a challenging routine.

It is said that resistance training is now a key feature of any decent workout routine, and what could be more 'resistance' than continuously lifting your body weight off the ground??!! 

And you really don't have to follow any particular routine when it comes to skipping. The beauty of this amazing sport is that you can do any amount and form of skipping, incorporate it into any workout and you will still see the benefits. Make sure you have the right rope, put in your headphones and jump away!


Skipping for Schools across the country
Skipping for Schools across the country



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