Skipping4Schools Rope Size Guide


Which size skipping rope

should I buy?


When choosing your rope for skipping, consider what you'll be doing with it first! Of course, it's always a personal choice as to which rope you feel most comfortable with, but in our experience, here are our recommendations for which skipping rope size might best suit which height:


* If you are 1.47m (4ft 10ins) or under, then order from our range of 2.10m / 7ft ropes. These are usually the best skipping ropes for KS1 children.

*  If you are between 1.48m (4ft 11ins) and 1.63m (5ft 3ins), then order from our range of 2.40m / 8ft ropes. We recommend these skipping ropes for most KS2 children.

*  If you are between 1.64m (5ft 3ins) and 1.82m (6ft), then purchase from our 2.8m / 9ft adult skipping ropes as these will probably suit you best.

*  If you are over 1.83m (6ft) then you should be looking at our 3m / 10ft adult skipping ropes, just make sure you're skipping in a room with extra high ceilings!


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