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Our 3-Step Skipping System seeks to help schools reinforce their own messages about healthy lifestyles in general. More specifically, we aim to help schools improve general levels of fitness through our fun programmes which have been designed to challenge, enthuse and inspire in equal measure.

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Of course, the way sport is taught in schools varies across the country but increasingly, research is beginning to show that the teaching of fundamental movement skills early on in a child's school life, encourages the development of a high level of physical competency as well as setting a sound platform for a healthy life in general.

When children move on to playing traditional sports, they find engagement easier due to a skillset already in place, which in turn, leads naturally to greater enjoyment of sport. And schools in turn find higher levels of engagement because children enjoy putting their skillset into practice.

We believe that skipping is one of these fundamental movement skills.

It provides an exceptional platform from which children can quickly improve those basic elements central to any sports development, namely improving stamina levels, boosting core stability and critically, developing and elevating body awareness.

Thus children find it much more enjoyable participating in their school sports, whether its football, netball, multiskills, gymnastics, rugby, cricket, dance, cycling, dodgeball, tennis, swimming ..... or any other school sporting activity!


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What a wonderful bunch of skippers at St Leonard...

Padiham St Leonards Primary

What a wonderful bunch of skippers at St Leonard... more...