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Full Day Skip


Watch us in action at St Leonard's C of E School in Padiham

Our overall aim with this day is to give children and young people the lowdown on  the skipping basics. With these skills in place they can then move on to the next skipping challenges, all at their own pace, and still full of enthusiasm for the next steps.

During our coaching days, we teach a variety of skills from individual steps to partner skipping and on to long rope games for team skipping. The group and team skills definitely encourage cooperation amongst peers as well as between boys and girls, which clearly has an impact on playground behaviour as well advancing social skills.

Our core focus on the day is to challenge, enthuse and inspire your children so that they learn to enjoy getting and, importantly, keeping fit.

Our standard day is split into 8 sessions; 7 of these are for skipping instruction with the 8th given over to a ‘Celebration of Skipping Assembly' where a range of children from all year groups are called on to present the skills they have learned during the day to the rest of the school.

The sessions are usually around 30-40 minutes each, with slightly longer being given to the older children if the timetable permits it.

In secondary schools, this final session is given over to an eighth skipping session.

We can skip with a maximum of 30 children per session and really like teachers and teaching assistants to be present to skip alongside the children, as it gives the children much needed support and encouragement, as well as reminding staff of how well children do, to master skipping skills!

Full Day Skip cost: A Full Day Skip with high-quality, experienced and fun skipping coaching costs from £250.00 to £350.00, depending on the size of your school. Click here for funding ideas.

If you have any other timetabling requirements, let us know and we can try and make something work for your school.

Other courses that can be added on the same day to maximise time, value for money :

Improving Playground Behaviour; After-school Skipping; Teaching the Basics

Keep the children bouncing away with this as well!

Plus your school will receive these resources to help boost the event's longevity, free of charge.

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