Double Dutch

1SkyeLarks Hill Junior & Infant School, Wakefield701
2EmilyOsmaston CE Primary, Ashbourne591
3Crystal MGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe555
4Olly CFour Elms Primary, Kent413
5Reece CGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe401
6LibbySpeldhurst Primary, Kent389
7SashaFordcombe Primary, Kent383
8MorwennaHelmsley CP, York358
9LaurenSt Joseph's RC Primary, Murton326
10Ellie BRusthall St Paul's Primary, Kent310
11Luke NCrockham Hill Primary, Kent304
12WillQueens Drive Primary, Preston295
13YasmineSussex Road Primary, Kent291
14Oliver HLadybrook Primary, Stockport289
15Jacob BColneis Juniors, Felixstowe282
16Martha BSt James the Less Primary, Lancashire275
17Louis HGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe273
18Marcus DGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe258
19LibbyFylingdales CE Primary, Whitby247
20Maddie KColneis Juniors, Felixstowe244
21Joe APaddockwood Primary, Kent232
22Joe APaddockwood Primary, Kent232
23Joe APaddockwood Primary, Kent232
24RonanFylingdales CE Primary, Whitby230
25AnnaKelbrook Primary, Barnoldswick228
26Alice RSlade Primary, Kent219
27Tegan QGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe218
28Morgan PLadybrook Primary, Stockport211
29CourtneyParklands C.P School, Leeds196
30RebeccaWest Bridgford Juniors, Notts194
31Jordan TOutwood Primary, Stockport194
32HannahHelmsley CP, York194
33Charlie TFour Elms Primary, Kent191
34Rachel H Grosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe185
35Charlie OHildenborough Primary, Kent185
36Charlie OHildenborough Primary, Kent185
37HannahGrange Moor Primary, Wakefield181
38Edith RHildenborough Primary, Kent177
39Edith RHildenborough Primary, Kent177
40CharlieGrange Moor Primary, Wakefield171
41JosieSpeldhurst Primary, Kent163
42Ellie WHoly Trinity Primary, Lancashire162
43Thomas RobertGrewelthorpe CE Primary, N. Yorkshire155
44Alice BFour Elms Primary, Kent154
45Robin ALadybrook Primary, Stockport154
46Emma SHildenborough Primary, Kent151
47Daniella SFour Elms Primary, Kent151
48Emma SHildenborough Primary, Kent151
49Lydia MGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe150
50KenoraSpeldhurst Primary, Kent149
51Nathan BColneis Juniors, Felixstowe146
52Calum RSt James the Less Primary, Lancashire140
53JodiSwallownest Primary, Sheffield139
54Vicky TSt Margaret Clitherow, Kent136
55George SCrockham Hill Primary, Kent134
56LauraHelmsley CP, York132
57Dellaw CRusthall St Paul's Primary, Kent129
58Erin ARusthall St Paul's Primary, Kent129
59HarrySpeldhurst Primary, Kent127
60Alylia AProspect Vale, Stockport127
61IzzyFordcombe Primary, Kent126
62ElizabethAlvanley Primary, Warrington125
63Jessica SPaddockwood Primary, Kent125
64Jessica SPaddockwood Primary, Kent125
65Jessica SPaddockwood Primary, Kent125
66RowanBidborough Primary, Kent124
67Seamus BSt Margaret Clitherow, Kent123
68Kayshia COutwood Primary, Stockport123
69LucyFordcombe Primary, Kent123
70BaileyLarks Hill Junior & Infant School, Wakefield123
71MatthewNeasden Primary, Hull118
72Paige BPaddockwood Primary, Kent117
73Paige BPaddockwood Primary, Kent117
74Paige BPaddockwood Primary, Kent117
75Denver BGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe117
76Anisa COutwood Primary, Stockport115
77William CSlade Primary, Kent115
78Molly HFour Elms Primary, Kent113
79Louise HGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe113
80Jemma GEast Peckham Primary, Kent113
81EnolaKelbrook Primary, Barnoldswick112
82Millie MColneis Juniors, Felixstowe112
83ErickGrewelthorpe CE Primary, N. Yorkshire111
84Jordan FSt James the Less Primary, Lancashire111
85Isabelle KSlade Primary, Kent111
86Jack IGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe110
87EthanNeasden Primary, Hull110
88Oliver DGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe110
89TyeThe Whartons Primary School, Otley110
90SadieAlvanley Primary, Warrington109
91Lily LSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield108
92Lily LSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield108
93EddieSussex Road Primary, Kent106
94ShaynieLongmead Primary, Tonbridge104
95FerdieGreat Moor Infants, Stockport104
96JackOsmaston CE Primary, Ashbourne104
97Gemma PSlade Primary, Kent104
98GeorgeGoldsborough CE Primary, N. Yorkshire104
99SydThe Whartons Primary School, Otley103
100AlexNeasden Primary, Hull102
101LydiaBidborough Primary, Kent102
102AimeeThe Dales CE Primary, Tamworth102
103Hannah ACranwell Primary, Lincolnshire102
104William MSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield101
105William MSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield101
106LaurenSt Catherine's Primary, Leyland101
107Thomas RobertGrewelthorpe CE Primary, N. Yorkshire100
108MillieSussex Road Primary, Kent100
109Courtney QSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield98
110Courtney QSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield98
111TeaGoldsborough CE Primary, N. Yorkshire97
112LilliHoward Primary School, Elford96
113JessLarks Hill Junior & Infant School, Wakefield95
114Chloe BPaddockwood Primary, Kent94
115Chloe BPaddockwood Primary, Kent94
116ErrinFulfen Primary School, Staffordshire94
117AnnaFylingdales CE Primary, Whitby94
118Chloe BPaddockwood Primary, Kent94
119Leo PRusthall St Paul's Primary, Kent94
120Abbie PGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe93
121Felix MCrockham Hill Primary, Kent93
122MeganIde Hill Primary, Kent 93
123Hannah HProspect Vale, Stockport92
124LewisThe Dales CE Primary, Tamworth92
125NeilGrewelthorpe CE Primary, N. Yorkshire92
126ChloeThe Whartons Primary School, Otley91
127Luke HProspect Vale, Stockport89
128KatieGoldsborough CE Primary, N. Yorkshire88
129AbbieQuadring Primary, Lincs.87
130kristen FSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield85
131kristen FSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield85
132HeidiOsmaston CE Primary, Ashbourne82
133Brigitte LMLadybrook Primary, Stockport82
134Aran SProspect Vale, Stockport81
135Abbey BCrockham Hill Primary, Kent81
136AiyaFordcombe Primary, Kent81
137OliviaSt Joseph's RC Primary, Murton79
138Louis Speldhurst Primary, Kent79
139Aidan THoly Trinity Primary, Lancashire79
140IsabellSpeldhurst Primary, Kent78
141JosephIghtenhill, Burnley78
142AmyHelmsley CP, York78
143RachelAll Saints Primary, Kirkby Overblow77
144EmilyOsmaston CE Primary, Ashbourne76
145Lydia ASt James the Less Primary, Lancashire75
146JodiIde Hill Primary, Kent 75
147DanielLongmead Primary, Tonbridge74
148Harry RSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield74
149Darcy WJHildenborough Primary, Kent74
150LukeParklands C.P School, Leeds74
151Harry RSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield74
152DamianLongmead Primary, Tonbridge74
153Darcy WJHildenborough Primary, Kent74
154ScottLangley Park Primary, Durham73
155AmySpeldhurst Primary, Kent73
156JadeSt Stephen's Primary, Tonbridge72
157LauraSpeldhurst Primary, Kent71
158SkyeFylingdales CE Primary, Whitby71
159AnirudhThe Whartons Primary School, Otley71
160Jamie BPaddockwood Primary, Kent69
161Jamie BPaddockwood Primary, Kent69
162Jamie BPaddockwood Primary, Kent69
163Leanna MRusthall St Paul's Primary, Kent69
164MilliePierre Pont Gamston Primary, Nottingham68
165NathanPierre Pont Gamston Primary, Nottingham67
166Callum NGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe67
167MaximillianFordcombe Primary, Kent66
168MatthewAlvanley Primary, Warrington65
169HarryAlvanley Primary, Warrington65
170HarryAlvanley Primary, Warrington65
171Harry-LeeSt Stephen's Primary, Tonbridge65
172Hayden RCrockham Hill Primary, Kent65
173Ellie CSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield65
174Ellie CSacred Heart Primary, Sheffield65
175Junaid MLadybrook Primary, Stockport64
176EllieSt Joseph's RC Primary, Murton64
177PatrickGrewelthorpe CE Primary, N. Yorkshire64
178William DSlade Primary, Kent63
179Olivia DLadybrook Primary, Stockport63
180HollySt Joseph's RC Primary, Murton62
181MeganGoldsborough CE Primary, N. Yorkshire62
182ThomasSt John's CE Primary, Cliviger, Lancashire61
183EliotGrange Moor Primary, Wakefield59
184DavidSpeldhurst Primary, Kent59
185EllenaSt Leonard's Primary, Tamworth59
186DaisySt John's CE Primary, Cliviger, Lancashire58
187NicoleQuadring Primary, Lincs.57
188RebeccaHoward Primary School, Elford56
189Katie FHildenborough Primary, Kent56
190Katie FHildenborough Primary, Kent56
191John PaulGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe56
192Shaun MPaddockwood Primary, Kent56
193Shaun MPaddockwood Primary, Kent56
194JoeSpringfield Primary, Burley56
195Joe MGrosvenor Park Primary, Morecombe56
196Shaun MPaddockwood Primary, Kent56
197JamesAlvanley Primary, Warrington55
198JasmineGrange Moor Primary, Wakefield55
199Joshua OCranwell Primary, Lincolnshire55
200JamesAlvanley Primary, Warrington55
201BethanyFordcombe Primary, Kent54
202Daniel GLadybrook Primary, Stockport54
203Alex JCrockham Hill Primary, Kent54
204MarcusHelmsley CP, York54
205Kayleigh GHildenborough Primary, Kent54
206CharlotteAll Saints Primary, Kirkby Overblow54
207CatherineThe Whartons Primary School, Otley53
208BryonySt Catherine's Primary, Leyland53
209LolaParklands C.P School, Leeds53
210Ella BPaddockwood Primary, Kent52
211Ella BPaddockwood Primary, Kent52
212Ella BPaddockwood Primary, Kent52
213Alisha PSt Margaret Clitherow, Kent51
214Harry BCrockham Hill Primary, Kent51
215Jordan MOutwood Primary, Stockport51
216Kirsten VEast Peckham Primary, Kent50
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