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Watch us in action at St Leonard's C of E School in Padiham


“Just a quick message to let you know how much we enjoyed the skipping day. It was wonderful to see even the most timid taking part and succeeding. We will certainly keep on skipping! Thank you from every one at St John Southworth, Nelson”
St John Southworth, Nelson

“Hi George & Justin
Thanks for two great days, the children loved it, the teachers had a great time too and my lunchtime ladies felt part of the school team, it was good for them to be working with the children and the children seeing that they were also learning.

"Skipping4Schools is a must-have; we would encourage anyone to have you. Thanks again"

Fun was had by all. It was amazing to see all the children joining in and for them to realise what they can achieve, the school was full of excitement and laughter, mainly the children laughing at the staff trying to skip LOL. The assembly was a great way to finish the skipping sessions. ”

Sue Faulkner,Moorside Primary, Lancashire

Dear George,
What can we say!
• The whole school skipping at lunch-time – brilliant
• Boys who couldn’t skip can!! Confidence soaring
• Keeps our “naughty” boys busy doing a positive activity, competition is high-aggression low.
We cannot thank you enough for your disciplined enthusiasm, our children have responded wholeheartedly to your inspiration.
Jane Moretti, Learning Mentor, Ingrow Primary School.

Dear George,
On behalf of Springdale Junior School, I would like to thank you for the amazing skipping workshop. The children had fun learning all the different ways to skip. I think the children will take up skipping as a hobby. Everyone enjoyed it at the end when some children showed us what they had learnt. We hope to see you soon again and look forward to having another workshop.

A.P Bolus, Springdale Junior School, Wolverhampton

Thank you also for showing us the different moves they were great. We play keep the kettle boiling every day now in the playground and we use all the moves.

Dear George,
Thank you for coming to Castle Park School to teach the whole school skipping. Year 5/6 really enjoyed keep the pot boiling with you. We enjoyed working with you and watching the demonstration.
Thank you also for showing us the different moves. they were great.

Most of the skipping ropes are sold and we really enjoy them. We really enjoyed you coming in so thanks again for teaching all the school new moves with the skipping ropes. We hope you can come again soon.

Connor Walmsley, Abigail Stephenson
On behalf of Castle Park School, Kendal, Cumbria

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“An excellent coach! The children were enthused… Each playtime children are out there skipping and having fun”
Dorothy Cornish – Edmondsley Primary School, Sacriston, Co.Du rham

“It was a fantastic two days. The children and staff still talk about it and it featured strongly in my end of year questionnaire about highlights in the PE curriculum. Ask George if he has forgotten about the t-shirt he said he would give me! We are seriously considering making skipping4schools a yearly event at Hillcrest – hope to see you [finances permi tting] next year."
Peter Burgan Head of PE, Hillcrest Primary, Scarborough


“Hi, Thank you for all the information we cannot wait to take part.
Also may I just say that your coach was fantastic and all of the children and staff enjoyed the [skipping]. Skipping ropes are selling like hot cakes and many children are now skipping at lunchtimes! Thanks once again”

Kelly Reid, Willow Tree Primary, St Helen’s


“The skipping coaching held at Rowley Lane School was a great success! All the children thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills and developing old ones. The school has gone skipping mad! Thank you once again. ”
R. Bury, PE Coordinator, Rowley Lane J I & N School, Huddersfield


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We LOVED the skipping day! The skipping ropes Justin left have been selling really well! In fact we have almost run out of infant ropes. Would it be possible to order a few more?!”
Rebecca Foley, Ladybrook Primary, Stockport


“We are very impressed by the overall organisation and especially the way you picked out individual children, including those with special needs. We are also grateful for the time you spent after school teaching 'Double Dutch'”
Staff at Russell Hall Primary, North Yorks.

"The workshop was in May and in December we were STILL skipping. Thanks for your disciplined enthusiasm, & thanks again for the fantastic day!"


“The skipping workshop held at St Martin’s School, Scarborough was a fantastic success. Skipping is the new playground sensation for boys and girls, infants and juniors. Thanks to your approach we even had the boys buying pink skipping ropes, if its good enough for George then its good enough for us.....”
Dawn Jones P.E Coordinator, St Martin’s C.E School, Scarborough

"Working with Skipping4schools on the Skip4Life project was a really pleasurable, fulfilling and professional experience. The quality of support, delivery and resources really ensured that the project was an overwhelming success, we look forward to developing the professional and business relationship with them in the future." Craig Vickers, PDM Preston SSP and co-lead PDM for the Skip4Life project


"All the kids really enjoyed the skipping workshop and the playground is full of ropes flying around! It's really taken off in our school & has been supported by all the staff as it's such a great way to improve fitness, speed, etc. Thanks to George for a well delivered & great fun session!"


 Chris Fitzpatrick, Whites Wood Lane Primary, Lincs.

We definitely would recommend Skipping4Schools to all schools; it is innovative, it's exciting, it's fun. They understand the children, they understand how they learn, and the needs of the children in particular... I would recommend them to everybody

Julie Bradley, Headteacher, St Leonard's Padiham, Lancs.


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