Skipping workshops in Cheshire

" As desired our playground is now buzzing with skipping, especially with the older boys which is great!..."

Woodheys Primary, Cheshire

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" ...The skipping ropes flew out of the door and we have been having Friday Fun Skipping sessions in Golden Time. The day went really smoothly and the timings worked great."

What a lovely day at Woodheys Primary, when we hosted our day of skipping workshops in Cheshire!

We all know that Year 5 and Year 6 boys are often a strong influence in the playground but there's never any hesitation with our Head Coach in any schools we go to, 'if [pink skipping ropes] are good enough for George, [they're] good enough for the boys'.. and the boys are all too willing and ready to try out our boxing skills challenges!

When we come to your school, we'll teach a variety of skills which we know will appeal to all of your children, boys and girls, for beginners to advanced skippers, from single rope skills to partner skipping, and we'll include some fun long-rope games as well the ever-exciting and challenging double-dutch skipping!  

And the really good news is that, as a specialist sports provider, Skipping4Schools’ services can qualify for support from the funding for provision of PE and Sport in primary schools recently allocated by the government.

Do drop us a line, just get in touch and see how we can help you get your playground as active and buzzing as the one at Woodheys Primary in Cheshire, we'd love to hear from you.

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