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DD Ropes-pair


DD Ropes-pair


DD Ropes-pair 5 pack


DD Ropes-pair 5 pack


Skipping goes continental with Double-Dutch ropes!

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Our brilliant pairs of Double-Dutch Ropes are beaded which we recommend for learning and improving your double-dutch skipping.

The polypropylene braided cords are filled with light-weight, slightly flexible 30mm plastic tubes.

It's these black and white or black and yellow beads that make the ropes not only highly visible but highly audible too, offering great visual and auditory cues thus giving skipping novices lots of help.

Not only beginners, but also those who wish to progress on to more double-dutch tricks, can use the rhythmic sound of the beads as they strike the ground, to guide them through the first steps as well as being able to see the black and white bead combo easier than a speed rope.

These ropes can be turned much slower than other double dutch ropes and, because the the 30mm beads remain stable and give a constant arc when turning, it really helps skippers learn the basics of double-dutch skipping much quicker than when using other types of rope.

These beaded double-dutch ropes can equally be used for more advanced tricks and routines for intermediate and advanced skippers.

The ropes are hard-wearing and very durable on all surfaces, have black polyethylene handles which are extremely light,  exceptionally hard-wearing and nigh on unbreakable!.

Cost: £13.99 

Length: 15ft / 4.57mts in length

Discounts available for orders of 10 or more, please ask. Free p&p for orders over £35.00.




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