Healthy mind, healthy body


There's much to be said for the old adage 'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind'.

And the reason the saying still holds true today is because it is true!

Take this letter written to the British Medical Journal in 1904  - it's as valid in today's environment as it was back then.

Today's children are distracted by a myriad of gadgets and media, caught between parental concerns and a lack of facilities, outside has become off-putting and/or off-limits and our children are opting out of action and concentrating on re-action. Childhood obesity is a symptom as well as a disease and we are trying our best to show children the benefits of skipping.

We have also found that many children benefit from the 'side-effects' of skipping as practised and lead by Skipping4Schools. We try to create situations to encourage children to build their thinking, planning and decision skills as well as equipping them with the skipping basics. This is a recipe for much fun through learning!

To be a good skipper - and this isn't much of a secret -  but you really DON'T have to be the best footballer or the best runner -  you just have to practise - honest!

The more time you spend practising skipping, the better you get - which isn't necessarily the case for other sports -  which is why we say that skipping is a genuinely inclusive activity, accessible to all.

During our coaching days, we teach a variety of skills from individual steps to skipping with a partner and/or skipping in a team. We encourage cooperation amongst peers and more specifically, cooperation across genders which definitely has an impact on behaviour in the playground as well advancing social skills.

Our 3-Step Skipping System has been designed with all of these aims in mind. Our key aim is to challenge, enthuse and inspire your children so that they learn to enjoy getting and keeping fit. Plus we have designed our system for sustainability and longevity so that children can keep challenging themselves through the years.  

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, do call us to discuss your requirements and let us put a tailormade programme together for you. Whether its a structured day of fitness coaching, or part of a Healthy Week, whether it's a simply a day for the children to let off some steam, or as part of your school's 'creative curriculum', or for a skipping festival in your cluster...... for anything you need, we can help.  Contact us for more details.

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